01 / Marketing Consultant Newcastle


Danny Johnson is a marketing consultant, web designer and app developer in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I implement practical marketing strategies. I can help if you want to:

  • Generate more leads from your website
  • Start selling or sell more effectively online
  • Develop a database-driven or API-connected website
  • Create a new app, cloud platform or database to run your business more efficiently

I offer a rare blend of marketing know-how and technical skills that can help your business grow.

02 / Qualifications and Experience


As a professional marketeer for over 15 years, I know how to guide companies big and small to achieve stronger growth and higher returns on their marketing investment.

I've created and executed marketing strategies for businesses in Technology, Defence, Oil & Gas, Property, Training, Software and Healthcare sectors amongst others.

I became a Chartered Marketer back in 2008, I'm a Prince2 Project Management Practitioner and Knowledge Transfer Network alumnus. I've been working as a consultant and on my own projects since 2010 and sold my first ecommerce business in 2015.

Recently, I've been helping companies use API's and web applications to solve problems in marketing and other areas of business.

03 / Services


  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Sales funnel / Conversion rate optimisation
  • Online lead generation and landing pages
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Adwords, retargetting and pay-per-click
  • Email marketing
  • CRM and Saleforce consultancy

Websites & Ecommerce

  • Web design
  • Ecommerce website design
  • Existing website maintenance
  • Drupal consultancy
  • Shopify consultancy
  • Node.js and Vue.js consultancy
  • Lighthouse optimisation
  • Ecommerce system integration

Software & Apps

  • Web app development
  • Android and IOS app development
  • API design and interface production
  • Bespoke database software
  • Internet of Things (IoT) systems
  • Google Cloud consultancy
  • Amazon Web Service (AWS) consultancy
  • TensorFlow Machine Learning and AI

04 / Getting Things Done


I take a practical and scientific approach to marketing. I implement purposeful tactics using intelligent tools to target prospective customers and generate high-quality leads quickly.

As well expertise in lead generation marketing and ecommerce, I have technical skills in web development using a variety of languages and frameworks. This means I can identify how simple tools or automation techniques could have a big impact on your bottom line.

I pride myself on rapidly understanding different business environments and thoroughly grasping the specific challenges you face. I often work for businesses with no existing marketing personnel, alongside small marketing teams who need specialist help or for bigger companies on specific projects.

05 / Testify

Danny understands customer acquisition, he is a master of traffic generation and campaign analytics. He has a voracious appetite for continuous improvement and deftly deploys the best tools for the task at hand.

— Shires Crichton, CEO

Fundamental to Danny's approach is his desire to nurture long term relationships with a client. Not not only does he offer a wealth digital knowledge, but also listens to his clients in order to get as much insight into their business as possible.

— Darren Sheriff, DXD Group

Danny was recommended to Butler Sherborn and he has provided an exceptional service over the past 3 years. The web site has been extremely well received, and the customer journey is clear and straight forward. Proof Danny’s skill, is that Butler Sherborn have retained his services ever since. Danny always responds immediately to any requests.

— Victoria Sears, Marketing Director

James was really happy - like a kid at Christmas! He's an architect by trade so really has an eye for detail. He absolutely loved the subtlety of the build. I was really impressed with the frame and forks and as a build together they look awesome.

— Adam Round, Trent Bicycle Works