Marketing Consultant in Newcastle

I take an evidence-driven approach to marketing. I implement proven tactics using intelligent tools to target high-probability customers and generate high-quality leads quickly.

Marketing Consultant in Newcastle in action

As a professional marketeer for over 15 years, I know how to guide companies big and small to achieve stronger growth and higher returns on their marketing investment.

  • More Leads for Your Business

    To me, marketing consultancy doesn’t mean pages of reports and plans. Instead it’s a process by which I work to understand your business, competitive environment and ideal customer, then create purposeful solutions to improve your lead generation and sales.
  • Marketing Automation

    I have technical skills in software development meaning I can identify how simple tools or automation techniques could have a big impact on your bottom line.
  • Marketing Project Management

    I pride myself on rapidly understanding different businesses and thoroughly grasping the specific challenges you face. I often work for businesses with no existing marketing personnel, alongside small marketing teams who need specialist help, or for bigger companies on specific projects.
Marketing Consultant in Newcastle