01 / Marketing Consultant in Newcastle

Freelance Marketing Consultancy

Marketing consultancy to suit your needs: Your on-demand marketing department or for one-off growth projects.

I am a creative, technically-sophisticated freelance marketer and entrepreneur who builds innovative marketing programs for growing companies.

To me, strategic marketing consultancy doesn’t mean pages of reports and plans. Instead it’s a process by which I work to understand your business, competitive environment and ideal customer, then create solutions to accerelate growth.

I take a practical and scientific approach to marketing. I implement purposeful tactics using intelligent tools to target high-probability customers and generate high-quality leads quickly.

I'm dedicated to finding unique ways to differentiate products, attract key audiences, and create compelling, brand-driven stories.

02 / Digital Marketing Consultant

Danny Johnson
Danny Johnson
As a professional marketeer for over 15 years, I know how to guide companies big and small to achieve stronger growth and higher returns on their marketing investment.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant in Newcastle

Working with all kinds of businesses to provide marketing consultancy in Newcastle and across the North East.

The marketing landscape can be complicated. It isn’t easy to know where sustainable sales growth will originate without testing multiple marketing channels. I look to uncover opportunities by understanding your unique market landscape, developing compelling messages and tracking effectiveness across multiple campaigns.

The marketing department you don't have

As a freelance marketing consultant, I often work with businesses with no dedicated marketing personnel or alongside existing teams to supplement their skillset. This approach introduces a fresh perspective to your business and helps you keep up with the latest thinking and best-practices — all while saving you recruitment time costs and mitigating risk with contractual flexibility.

On-demand marketing project management

For one-off lead generation projects, I look to create a cost-effective program that gets to work quickly. It could be an integrated marketing strategy or a particular project you need to get started with.

I work to constantly improve all marketing activities by measuring how different channels and campaigns perform, then push investment toward the most efficient cost-per-lead.

As well as freelance digital marketing, I regularly help clients with more traditional marketing activities such as print advertising, organising exhibition attendance and deploying customer relationship management (CRM) applications.