Modern, intuitive, ecommerce websites built to the latest web standards with a range of best-in-class tools, making them easy for your customers to use and loved by Google.

I can also help you to increase the revenue generated from your existing online store.

Ecommerce in action

I am an ecommerce and Shopify expert, based in Newcastle, who partners with business across the UK to design, develop and optimise websites for online sales.

  • Ecommerce Strategy

    I can help you plan, implement and optimise an ecommerce strategy that takes advantage of the latest and best tools available.
  • Ecommerce Websites from Scratch

    Ecommerce websites and Shopify stores built to the latest web standards, making them easy to use for your customers and loved by Google.
  • Sell More Online

    Whether that's deploying a new ecommerce website using an open-source platform, creating a Shopify store that allows you complete control in the future, or helping you get more from your existing ecommerce solution through intelligent marketing activities — I can help you sell more online.

I can help you get more from your existing online store. My ecommerce consulting process looks at improving online revenues by:

  • Ecommerce marketing planning — PPC, retargetting and email
  • Creating a cart recovery strategy
  • Building a review marketing plan with platforms like TrustPilot
  • Testing discount/coupon strategies that drive conversion
  • Measuring customer lifetime value to discover your best customers
  • Advanced use of Analytics for ecommerce insights
  • Attribution modelling to understand your acquisition channels
  • Increasing average order value through smart recommendations

I am based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. I often provide ecommerce consultancy remotely, using all the usual communication tools and project management apps - or even old fashioned phone calls.