Website Design

Modern, intuitive, effective websites. My aim with new web design projects is to create an online presence that works as a highly-effective lead generation machine.

Website Design in action

Websites built with straightforward layouts and simple navigation. Underneath, they're working to the latest web standards with a range of best-in-class tools, making them easy to use and loved by Google.

  • Web Designer in Newcastle

    If you need to solve a complex web design problem, want to start selling online or plan to place digital marketing the centre of your business strategy, then I'd love to hear about your requirements.
  • Search Engine Friendly

    Search engine optimisation designed in from the outset, providing Google with the signals needed to create trust, credibility and usefulness that lead to high rankings.
  • B2B Websites

    I've A/B tested hundreds of design iterations for their effectiveness in generating enquiries for my clients. Lessons learned in past conversion tests are harnessed in future designs - ensuring high performing lead generating websites from the outset.

Recently, I've worked on projects that used third party API's to synchonise interfaces with external sources. Projects include:

  • Property website that integrates with Rightmove feeds
  • Web app to display live data from remote road-traffic sensors
  • Ecommerce system to register confirmed purchases with an external Online Learning Platform
  • Ecommerce website with over 20,000 unique products
  • Ecommerce website that uses subscription payments via Stripe
Website Design