Offshore Power Intelligence Wind Farm Construction Data Desktop App

Web app that tracks offshore wind farm construction vessels, then uses smart algorithms to determine project progress from GPS positions.

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  • Live Vessel Tracking

    The app connects to open-access GPS feeds of vessels involved in wind farm construction. Alerts are created when a vessel enters a defined wind farm area.
  • GPS Algorithms

    Once inside a wind farm zone, the vessel's GPS position is analysed in detail to assess speed, heading, stop durations and proximity to known positions of interest. We developed algorithms to interpret this data as construction behaviours such as drilling foundations, laying cables and installing turbine blades.
  • Data Dashboard

    The app interface uses the construction data to display detailed maps, charts and data tables for each wind farm, with breakdowns of vessel and installation-contractor performance across the industry.
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Software development, Desktop App

Developed as a web app for use in the browser, or installable onto desktops, to allow multiple remote team members to collaborate easily.

On the back-end a restful API connects to the live GPS feed and stores the data in a MongoDB database. The front-end interface uses the Vue.js framework for its significant benefits in keeping large volumes of data synchronised.

Tools used for the project also include:

  • Turf.js advanced geospatial analysis
  • Mapbox and Leaflet for interactive maps
  • Highcharts graphs and data visualisations
  • Vuex data management
  • Vuetify user-interface components
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