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Metalis Energy manufacture high-integrity oilfield products and pipeline equipment for safety critical drilling and subsea applications.

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Danny is methodological, loyal, logical and forward thinking. He greatly helped to develop the Metalis identity during its early stages. He is hard working and a joy to do business with.

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Paul McCreton
Managing Director

  • International B2B Website

    To establish credibility, all marketing material was designed to include prominent approvals and certifications - including quality management system certification, industry memberships and the well respected API 6A accredited manufacturer logo.
  • Loved by Google

    The Metalis website now holds an enviable position in it's industry, dominating key searches for products across many categories.
  • A4 Brochure Design

    As contract values tend to be large and sales cycles long for Metalis, a number of printed materials that are used to support business development activities have also been developed.
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Metalis Energy Logo

Metalis Energy are rapidly expanding manufacturer in the oil & gas market and one of only a handful of API 6A accredited companies manufacturing pipeline equipment for high-pressure high-temperature subsea applications in the world.

Having worked with the Directors when they were involved in other businesses, I have been involved in the branding process from the outset.

As there are many sales agents operating in this supply chain, the challenge was to establish Metalis quickly as a trusted manufacturer rather than another reseller.

The brand identity produced was simple, but highly recognisable in the industry - what's more, the logo works in digital, print and when embossed on high pressure manifold fittings.

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