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Stainless steel and titanium road bike frames as light as 1450g

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James was really happy - like a kid at Christmas! He's an architect by trade so really has an eye for detail. He absolutely loved the subtlety of the build. I was really impressed with the frame and forks and as a build together they look awesome.

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Adam Round
Trent Bicycle Works

  • Side Hustle Ecommerce Site

    Following the sale of my first ecommerce business, I set-up gosforth.cc as another side project.
  • Shipping Frames Around the World

    5-years on, I have now sold hundreds of frames across the world and the brand has been featured in cycling magazines and websites with excellent reviews.
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Bike frames that will last a lifetime or more, and allow you to ride to further and faster with a bigger smile on your face.

Top-quality frames were sourced from one of the most-respected frame builders in the industry with designs based on time tested geometries and classic components.

Each frame uses a modern super steel, with exceptional strength to weight ratios that allow wall-thicknesses down to 0.4mm and weights as low as 1450g.

Gosforth.cc use steel and titanium tubesets manufactured from the latest alloys by industry leaders in the UK or USA, which are then meticulously hand-welded into classic geometries by experts with thousands of builds to their names.

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