Capture Systems Web Dashboard Development is a web application that connects remote traffic and parking sensors to a single unified interface. Capture collates data from a variety of remote sensors and manages technology from many leading highways manufacturers.

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Darren Sheriff
Director, DXD Group

  • Remote Data Acquisition

    Capture is DXD Group's cloud platform for the management of highways assets. Capture Connectors are small devices that plug into a wide-range of existing hardware and expose data to the cloud. Capture, therefore makes remote sensor monitoring simple and affordable.
  • Progressive Web App

    Capture was developed as Progressive Web Application for use in the browser to minimise development costs, reduce maintenance and improve time to launch.
  • Data Dashboard

    The app interface uses real-time sensor data to display detailed maps, charts and data tables for each device, with simple hardware programming and diagnostics, email alerts, user roles and permissions system, and data-export wizard.
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Internet of Things
Tyne Valley
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Software development, Interface development

Capture is currently used by all kinds off traffic hotspots to manage and automate vehicle flow around their sites, including:

  • An international airport:

    • To detect overstaying vehicles at the drop-off zone
    • To open and close short and long-stay car parks based on occupancy rules
    • To welcome and direct VIP customers based on their number plate
  • At a number of shopping centres and hospitals, to:

    • Direct visitors to the most appropriate parking zone
    • Designate variable lane direction into/out of a busy site based on current traffic volume
    • Detect traffic jams on internal road networks and display queue alerts in advance
  • At an large London stadium, to create parking restrictions that only apply on days where an event is taking place

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