Web App Development

Web application development for business. I've been creating data-heavy web apps, digital products and custom software for over a decade.

Web App Development in action

Web Apps are complex websites, offering extensive functionality to manage content and data. Web apps can be accessed from any browser and installed on mobile phones or tablets.

  • Web Applications for Business

    Custom built to match specifications that aren't available with off-the-shelf software. Business data management, CRM, order management or auditing platforms - I build applications that serve your unique business processes.
  • Data at your Fingertips

    Designing custom database structures, developing APIs and creating live dashboard interfaces. Charts, maps, real-time interactions: I cover everything when it comes to data.
  • Digital Product Development

    I can help you turn your existing IP or offline processes into SAAS products and digital services - earning recurring revenue through subscriptions and licensing.

I focus on Javascript app development through Node.js and frameworks like Express, Vue and Nuxt. I work with various serverless technologies and databases like MySQL and MongoDB.

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, I often provide app development remotely using all the usual communication tools and project management apps.

Web App Development